Our Spring Clearance Sale is Online!!
Due to the craziness in the world right now,
our sale is extended until at least the end of April.

Currently: Chickens are sold out until April 29th. Please call to reserve your chickens immediately if you need some this year.

Please choose a link from the drop down menu under “Home” above to get started shopping, or scroll to the bottom to find our local service pages.

Please note, you can now order products online, but some sections are still under construction (several pages will come up blank still!). We anticipate having everything moved from thelivestockstore.com and shopthelivestockstore.com by the end of December.

Now online!
Purchase your Nordfork today: click here.

Geisler Ranch & Livestock Center

Monday – Friday
8am – 6pm

2211 N Holmes Ave.
Idaho Falls, ID 83401